Logo Ferrari Challenge


Ferrari Challenge is the one-make series par excellence, the most wide ranging and admired in the world. The series was established in 1993 and the events are FIA approved, thus ensuring a very high standard of organisation and safety.
The championship was an immediate success: it’s formula which insists on participants being dealers or authorised race shops, means the cars’ performance is very closely matched, which thus puts the emphasis on the drivers. There are three series, the oldest being the European, as well as the North American one and the latest one, now in its fourth year, the Asia-Pacific.
There are four categories for each race: Trofeo Pirelli Pro, Trofeo Pirelli, Coppa Shell and Gentlemen Cup, the latter for those over 55. Four races in one therefore, with four winners per race and four opportunities for a great spectacle.
The races are usually very close, which is the main appeal of this series, but the drivers also get to enjoy driving on some of the most famous tracks in the world. All three series have excellent calendars, with races at Monza, Mugello and Silverstone for example in Europe; Daytona, Laguna Seca and Montreal in North America and Shanghai Fuji and Sepang in Asia. These are circuits worthy of Formula 1 and mean the drivers have to use all their skill.
The car used in all three Challenge series this year is the Ferrari 458 Evo, which is fitted with the latest aerodynamic kit that improves performance still further. One of the most clearly visible elements of the new kit is the new rear wing, which gives the cars a significantly higher cornering speed than its predecessors.