Finali Mondiali – Record numbers

November 7, 2015

Finali Mondiali – Record numbers

Facts and figures of the Mugello


Scarperia, 6 November – The Finali Mondiali at Mugello circuit have started and, with the cooperation of fine weather, over 15,000 spectators are expected to be in attendance at the Tuscan course: an impressive number. Just as impressive are the other numbers that characterise the final event of Ferrari’s sporting season, a single great event that includes all facets that combine to make the Ferrari name.


Drivers and cars. Over 120 racing cars will speed along the Mugello racing surface and an equal number of drivers will arrive from all corners of the world, representing over thirty nationalities. Forty lorries will be needed to transport the seven thousand kilograms of materials, but this is only a partial account, as some of the lorries have covered the roughly 100 kilometres between Maranello and the Mugello circuit more than two times.


Staff and more. The staff includes over 200 personnel members and about 6,000 meals will be served during the four-day Tuscan event; sixteen days were needed to set up the paddock as it stands, while ten will be needed to disassemble it. The Finali Mondiali will be distributed by 94 broadcasters, reaching 211 nations throughout the world.


The cars’ needs. The cars will need 2,700 tyres (all Pirelli), while the Shell fuel needed to power all 120 cars through the race will amount to 41,500 litres. The spare parts available at Mugello will belong to 800 different types; it would be impossible to give the total number of parts.